This will explain what term life insurance is all about.   When you get a term policy you get a certain amount of life insurance for a certain time. After the time has expired you have no more insurance unless you want to pay the extra premium because you are now older.

So lets say today you get a$100,000 term policy and it is for 10 years. When 2030 rolls around your policy will terminate.

You can get any term that you want  5, 10, 15, 20,25, 30 years.  Many polices come with riders

Some riders are free and some cost extra premium.  Many companies offer free riders so that if you get a critical illness you can take money out of the policy to pay for your treatment.  You will still owe the premium for the full amount.  You have a $100,000 policy and you get sick. Your treatment will cost you $20,000.  You can take that $20,000 out of your policy leaving you with $80,000 death benefit but you still have to pay the premium for the $100,000 policy

So term life insurance is the cheapest your can purchase.   Many have seen the TV ads telling you about a person getting life insurance and for only $1 a day.  Watch out. Some of those policies raise premiums after 5 or 10 years.  It is best to get an insurance agent to explain a policy to you and give you free quotes

I hope that this gave you an explanation on Term Life Insurance